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We are a online shop who mainly sale Fake Omega Watches. OMEGA is a famous Swiss timepiece manufacturer, English name OMEGA, named after the Greek letter “Ω” . Omega by Louis · Brandt (Louis Brandt) was founded in 1848 years. 1848 Omega was born in Lachaux Deffin in northwestern Switzerland ( La chaux-de-fonds ), founder Louis · Brandt ( Louis Brandt in the local set up a pocket watch in the workshop, began the Omega of the beginning of the watchmaking business.        1894 produced the “Omega” Movement, which won the precise timing certificate issued by several European observatories, and the company decided to rename it. And with the Greek letter “Ω” as a sign, the Omega name was born from this.So  buying  Fake Omega Watches is a wise choice.

Replica Omega Watches
Replica Omega Watches

Omega Since its inception, not only dedicated to build a practical and reliable time, but also in space and the deep sea in a show of skill, in the field of sports timing to provide accurate timing, and constantly upgrade research and development timing technology and equipment. In recent years, Omega has upgraded its movement to an observatory movement with high resistance to magnetism, and has announceda newMetasto theSwiss Federal Institute of Metrology .

Constellation Series ( Constellation ) Watch in 1952 year, after many technological innovations, has become the classic Omega series. Constellation series of styles have been diverse and rich, has launched a square table, one molding form, etc.,1964 year with “C – shaped case ” (the shape of the case looks like two locked “C” the design of the Watch, which was later used to 1967 the first women’s watch in the birth of the zodiac.Fake Omega Watches  is a serice of classical choise.

1982 The year Omega released the constellation ” Manhattan ” The watch, for the first time, introduces four of the world’s best-known ” Holding Claw ” the design of the claw was originally intended to be fixed sapphire crystal mirrors and to ensure the waterproof performance of the Watch, hereafter ” Holding Claw ” It becomes the iconic design of the constellation Series. 2009 year Omega to the constellation Watch series of the entire series of upgrades, the star emblem of the constellation fixed on the plate 6 point position, improve and upgrade ” Holding Claw ” design and performance, equipped with a coaxial escapement system, and will improve the waterproof performance to – Rice. 2015 Year launchedthe “Globemaster”Watch to ” Pie ” The dial and the groove bezel around the dial are the iconic designs for the series.”

Omega launched a series of dishes flying women’s watch, design exquisite, elegant, will become the young generation fashion shape of the finishing touch. Brand new series Ladies Watch in the classic design into a number of modern and stylish aesthetic elements, a total of 4 millimeter case,5 paragraph – millimeter case different material color matching wrist watch.

This section uses the slender chic diamond case, the red liquid ceramics to create the flower pattern Crown, elegant, generous hue, as well as the lacquer dial on the printed classic Roman hour scale and so on, all for this paragraph Ji product times Tim Noble elegant temperament. and the wrist watch with a blue fabric leather strap, exquisite and delicate. The watch is equipped with the Omega 4061 quartz movement, a specially designed mirror-mounted back decorated with a “her time” pattern, which also highlights the glamorous side of women.

The Omega Constellation series to the observatory’s small second hand lady’s Watch, a total of eight forms to choose from. The use of millimeter case using refined steel, equipped with Constellation series famous ” claw ” Diamond Watch ring, A bracelet with a scrub chain and polished chain rods. White Pearl mother-of-pearl dial,Diamond Hour scale inlaid on the bracket,6 points with calendar window. the 9 – point position also has a smallsecond hand and4 Diamonds are marked with a small dial. Equipped with Omega cal.8704 to the observatory movement, the accuracy of the watch is more 50% than that of the General Observatory’s Watch , and the magnetic resistance can achieve 15,000 Gauss, far ahead of industry level. The watch provides a power reserve of up to half an hour and a meter waterproof.

Fake Omega Watches
Fake Omega Watches

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