Our imitation Patek-Philippe watches for sale

Here is the passage about the imitation Patek-Philippe tips. If you want to buy replica watches recently, you can browse our website and choose your Patek-Philippe replica. The strap is an important part of the watch, while the strap determines the comfort and convenience of the watch, and is also related to the safety of the watch. Now the strap is also a lot of material, the most common is the stainless steel and genuine leather. Leather belt or plastic strap is used for a period of time, in the replacement should be noted that the width of the leather belt should be and the width of the opening of the case is suitable, not too narrow. Narrow the strap will be left and right, easy to the strap tied spring compression and make it fall down, resulting in loss of watches, but also unattractive. (especially the one with a large diameter and a long strap tie). So, how to disassemble the watch strap? Please see the arrow on the back of the strap before you prepare the strap.

The belt with arrows is removable. Loosen the handle of the belt, put the strap into the table slot, and keep the needle pin of the belt device on the pinhole, as shown in Fig. Two imitation Patek-Philippe, and the steel needle of the belt is followed by the direction of the arrow, then the belt-splitter will be screwed tightly, and the pin (raw ear) connecting the strap will be topped out, then the forceps can be pulled out. the use of the process, careful use of steel needles to avoid scratching the strap, to the appearance of a certain impact. the strap to fit the wrist size, then it is necessary to break into two sections of the strap to connect up. Inserted in the ear fixed, the remaining large of the part can be a hard substance tapping, preferably a gelatinous hard, it is better to avoid scratching strap. Tap in, then use the splitter to put the ear slightly top into the concave. Note: When you link the strap, the inserted ear is in the opposite direction of the arrow, and it is an advanced one with a steel needle round, that is, the smaller head.Having learn this passage, don’t forget to have a look for ourreplica watches for sale. You can order thisimitation Patek-Philippe watches for sale online and want to know more information, you can contact us.