Replica Omega De Ville 431. Details

Today I want to introduce this replica Omega De Ville 431. watch, let us take a closer look. This replica Omega is the same in size as other De Ville watches, with a 41 mm diameter, which fits the wrists of most men. This replica Omega watch uses a sapphire mirror. The case is different from the traditional material. It uses a whole piece of sapphire as the main body. The ring-shaped design allows the movement of the movement to be clearly seen on the side.

The dark blue dial has a radioactive texture, the three hands are located in the center of the dial, and the watch hour and minute hands are brushed like the original. The end of the pointer has a beveled corner, which is polished like the second hand. All the time scales, the calendar window at three o’clock, and the inside of the window are polished. Each scale has an oblique angle, and each scale has multiple cutting planes, so from the front, the scale is relatively shiny.

This replica Omega watch has a transparent design at the bottom, and the movement can be seen through the sapphire glass mirror and equipped with a 1: 1 replica 8900 movements, consistent with the original. The movement synchronizes all adjustment functions, including adjusting the day via the fast hour hand. Each screw and gem of the movement has true functions, no longer a decorative piece. The position of the balance wheel and the size of the balance wheel are also the same. Combined with the perfect back-through design, it is exciting.

This replica Omega watch with a 41mm watch diameter, the outer shell is made with detailed carvings and transparent side design. We can watch the movement of the movement through the side. The transition from the drawing process at the lugs is so natural and just right. Judging from the overall appearance design, each part seems to be independent, but after forming this watch, it is so natural. The shell material is made of stainless steel, which enhances the durability of the watch.

The strap of this Omega replica watch is made of blue real crocodile leather, which echoes the color of the dial, and it is a beautiful scenery when worn on the wrist. The texture and comfort of the crocodile leather can reach the interchangeable level with the original. The buckle is a part of the workplace that can best reflect the details. The Omega logo is perfectly restored. The overall combination of blue and silver contains an elegant and profound light in the mature and stable.

This Omega replica watch is suitable for business as well as casual dress, and there are many ways to match. The blue design is full of youthful vitality and mature and handsome, the crocodile leather strap is clean and neat, and the exquisite workmanship of the whole watch gives you a different texture. If you are pursuing the new style and like the blue strap, you can choose the 8900 movements. Both are good choices.