Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Olympic Games Pyeongchang 2018 Replica Watches

Today’s grand launch of this replica Omega Pepsi Bezel Watch, let us take a look. When it comes to Omega Pepsi Bezel Watch, everyone may think it is a collaboration with Pepsi. This Omega watch is the Speciality Pyeongchang 2018 Limited Edition of the Olympic Games series. Omega, as the official partner timing partner of the Olympic Games, in addition to seeing Omega’s large brand logo on the Olympic stadium every time, Omega will also launch some commemorative watches before the game, which are generally limited edition.

Omega, as the designated official timekeeper of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, specially launched this Omega Seamaster series Planet Ocean 600M “Pyeongchang 2018” limited edition watch for this event. The appearance of this watch is vivid blue and red (Korean flag color). The design brings a new aesthetic feeling, and it is perfect to wear on the clock. This Omega replica watch is highly authentic. The function of the movement is the same as the genuine one, and the time can be adjusted quickly by adjusting the hour hand. And this Omega replica watch use of Omega dedicated integrated movement, stable quality, most versions of fake Omega on the market is ordinary movements.

The diameter of this Omega replica watch is 41mm, the unidirectional rotating ceramic bezel, the ceramic bezel is very flat, and the degree of reduction is very high. The scale position on the bezel is the same as the genuine one, the night pearl above 12 o’clock is full of workmanship, and the interior is filled with luminous paint. The polished blue ceramic zirconium dioxide dial, the hour, second, and time scales are rhodium-plated and coated with luminous paint, which emits blue light in a dark environment. The night pearl on the minute hand and bezel is a green light, which is easy to read.

The bezel part is also extraordinary. Unlike the unidirectional rotation design of common diving watches, this replica Omega diving watch uses the first blue ceramic bezel with rubber material, and it also has a unique part in the first 15 minutes. Red rubber decoration, very eye-catching. This replica Omega watch version is made of 316 steel material, polished by top CNC technology, the shell body texture is delicate, and the overall reduction is very high. The side drawing process is very detailed.

Overall, the overall workmanship of this Omega replica watch is excellent. This watch belongs to the Seamaster Planet Ocean series. It is a standard diving watch with a water resistance of 600 meters. Whether it is daily blisters or diving swimming, there is no pressure. They are equipped with an integrated 8900 movement, providing 60 hours of power reserve, highly restored authentic. Each screw and gem of the movement has true functions, and the position and size of the balance wheel are exactly the same as the original.

The exterior details of this Omega replica watch remain highly consistent with the original, and the movement function is also consistent with the original. The imported waterproof rubber strap is exceptionally waterproof and comfortable to wear. With a stainless steel pin buckle, it is very convenient to wear. The naiad “lock structure can be locked by rotating a little, ensuring that the locking does not affect the waterproofing. Whether it is daily blisters or diving swimming, there is no pressure at all.

This Omega replica watch is of excellent quality, resembling the color and appearance of Pepsi. I believe it will ignite the sports passion of many friends. Summer is hot, and there is no energy, meet to go swimming and diving together, and then with Pepsi’s mood, I believe that the mood will immediately rise.