Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Spectre James Bond 007 Replica Watch Review

Every man has a dream in his heart to become James Bond, drive Aston Martin, and become a hero. These are enough to make our blood boil. While conquering a large number of fans, many watch friends are deeply obsessed with James Bond watches. Today brought this replica Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Spectre James Bond 007 fabric strap watch.

Perhaps the most classic pre-James Bond movie was “GoldenEye 007” in 1995. Pierce Brosnan signaled the waiter to order wine and said a classic sentence. When he lifted his wrist, the Seamaster series watch appeared between his wrists. Omega Seamaster series was also from that moment was transformed into a James Bond watch and became one of the indispensable outfits of this legend.

In fact, in the entire Omega Seamaster series, there are many James Bond limited editions. The main feature of the Seamaster 150 series is that all the bottom covers are “bullet” designs, and the unique shape is popular among the people. The main feature of this Omega replica watch is the use of yellow color similar to the 150 series. For the first time, this Omega replica watch realized a true-function one-piece movement structure with a dial diameter of 41.5mm.

The front and rear mirrors are made of true sapphire crystal glass and are treated with anti-glare technology. The dial surface is dark blue with a unique carved pattern structure, and a sizeable three-pin needle is used to mark the time display. Text information such as logo display at 12 o’clock, calendar display function at 3 o’clock of the watch, and model series at 6 o’clock. All the time scales on the dial are marked with triangular three-dimensional studs with a luminous effect, and some fonts are filled with yellow in accordance with the second hand.

The case of this Omega replica watch is forged from 316 stainless steel material, which is formed by a top-level CNC process. The movement adopts a new integrated structure automatic mechanical movement. The bullet-shaped movement can be seen through the mirror of the bottom cover, which is very delicate and beautiful. The printed text logo and other information are engraved on the bottom cover and the movement, respectively.

This replica Omega watch contains a stylish appearance, accurate travel time, ultra-high durability, and cost-effective, and the utility is outstanding. The coat of arms of the Bond family on the watch dial highlights the cultural elements of James Bond 007, making this replica Omega watch even better. And this watch is affordable, and it is a style that is highly recommended, and watch friends who like Omega and 007 must not miss it.